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Though there is much to celebrate, transgender people need to remember those that have passed away before us because of a hostile and uncaring world. The lyrics are based off a few stories I know of people being left to die because they had the "wrong" bodies according to doctors, police and family.
It is impossible to speak for all trans* people as our experiences differ greatly. Ideally we all love our bodies no matter how they are made but some of us struggle to get there. That is a hard enough battle to fight without everything else going on in the world.
End Transphobia because the HRC isn't going to fucking do it for you.
- JX


I was blue at birth / But we're all pink inside
Now I'm older / I'm bleeding in a way
That betrays the body / That I've built
I've built / It's mine

(20 years) To convince myself I'm beautiful
(20 years) For you to see me as he
(Add 10 years) And now she is bleeding
(My demise) Was born between my legs

Like new clothes, unsettled on these new hips,
Shedding skin, from ridged to serpentine.
Violent posturing is a vale of perplexity
But don't blame me, don't blame me

As blood pours down / This is how you made me feel
Reduced to one body / Part under a paper gown
This burning betrayal / Reminiscent of puberty
When this body / First tried to kill me

(Wear the badge) And smile at constituency
(But your god) Stopped you from saving me
(Now I bleed) In a way I've never wanted
(When I die) Who tells my story?

Mother / Help / Me / Your / Son / Is / Dying
You / Grieve / A / Daughter / You / Never / Had


from Death Panels, released March 31, 2013




Sagan Youth Detroit, Michigan

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