by Sagan Youth

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Here are six songs that we wrote. It is a demonstration of what we sound like. In short, it is a "demo". Demonstration - it is my favorite stration.


released June 20, 2011




Sagan Youth Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Foie Gras...never has and never will be ethical
Because you can doesn't mean you should
Physical traits can't excuse the pain
of a life spent squandered in servitude
With no respect deserved. You're fucking wrong.

I don't care how prepared you are
or how much research you fucking did
You saw what you were allowed to see
Open your eyes. You're fucking wrong

How fucking much did you get paid
to spread your lies on an ethics debate
No regard for our intelligence
So clearly put. You're fucking wrong

Foie Gras. Fuck You
Track Name: G20
Wait for it
Wait for the wolf cry of revolutionaries
to run and cry about a false police state
(I hope the black bloc keeps the streets safe) Wait!
What were we protesting again was it trade
or traders, or traitors
(or was it the cops)
Lets not waste this opportunity to co-opt someone else's real oppression.
Whats the point of action unless
We can't feel like the victim of something, anything

A families savings are erased by runaway inflation
and the matriarch can't break the cycle of poverty on her own
and an unfair subsidy forces farmers to sell the season for less than a living wage
(but you can relate)
Somehow, because your bag was searched on the wrong side of a barricade
Track Name: Romani Arsonist
I'd rather be displaced
than to live under your thumb
It may not be just
but at least it's my choice
And it's not out of spite
like how you may believe
It's my only say, and act of woe
And in the end, the way I won't bend

Let's burn this place down
To the ashes of distress
Let's burn this place down
To the ashes of despair
Let's burn this place down
To the ashes of regret, to distress, to despair

When options are limited to
Subjection or a match
I'll choose to negate
Your involvement in my life
As my last act of dissent
Swirls and burns clean through
I will stand outside, breath the air
and feel pride in sacrifice
Track Name: Killer Whale Suicide Mission
This is my cove
This is my slaughter

So bring on the music
Bring on the show
This is a last stand
A suicide mission

You'll go first on stand
A trial of no defense
It will be best to suffocate before
We throw you to the Sea Lions

This is my cove
This is my slaughter
Breathe in the water
A suicide mission

How many times will
We live up to this name
Before we aren't jailed
In this self fulfilling prophecy

The splash zone is next
I can jump the glass
Like a kamikaze
Crushing you and your fucking children

This is my cove
This is my slaughter
So fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you 'till death
Track Name: Ruin Pornographers
Keep all hands and extremities
In the vehicle at all times
No flash photography please
But if you set the shutter speed long enough
You can catch the vines growing and the paint peel
You can almost see the families that once kept these homes
before they abandoned ship
But abandoned shit photographs so well
And the caption includes a survival story
Feigning how you were so scared
But the people still here can only infer from your pointed lens

Another pointing finger implying how can you live this way
How did you let this happen here
But we never hear the story of the last person on the block
How they stayed, they tried

When the neighbors got scared and left
They took care of a few houses for a while
Through the arson and foreclosure and insurance fraud
They stayed, they tried
Don't try to blame them
They stayed, they tried
So don't fucking blame them
Track Name: Unwavering
Every criticism of defense spending
On wars that never end
Framed by how we all support the troops

Honor them
In unison
Fuck em, somethings I won't understand

Career criminal
Sacrifice your moral standing
For a reason that we all know
Is irreverent

Honor them
In unison
Fuck em, somethings I won't understand

There is no honor
In pointing a gun in the direction you are told