Death Panels

by Sagan Youth

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released March 31, 2013




Sagan Youth Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: giver of fucks
My eyes roll uncontrollably
my brain shuts down
I just stop listening
I am generally a giver of fucks
But what I takeaway from your mission statement is
A lot of brand awareness
No actual solving of problems
No actual work

Pat me on the back
Put me to sleep
Another Day Done
Exploit them all

Intentions fall away, all that's left are lies

Now we’re selling
Hot Air Balloons
Filled with just words
Filled with your words

Corrupting the reputations of
Many philanthropic groups good intentions

Consumer of donations
Producer of cynics
Aggregator of superPAC contributions
Giver of fucks

Track Name: protest kids
Crayola cardboard rally cries are just propaganda
A child is not a tool to help advance your agenda.
Failure to recognize manipulation.

Viewpoints gained, through years of, matured context
Written on an infant sized t-shirt
Before you, reconcile, accusations
a child could never understand
Track Name: untitled
I was blue at birth / But we're all pink inside
Now I'm older / I'm bleeding in a way
That betrays the body / That I've built
I've built / It's mine

(20 years) To convince myself I'm beautiful
(20 years) For you to see me as he
(Add 10 years) And now she is bleeding
(My demise) Was born between my legs

Like new clothes, unsettled on these new hips,
Shedding skin, from ridged to serpentine.
Violent posturing is a vale of perplexity
But don't blame me, don't blame me

As blood pours down / This is how you made me feel
Reduced to one body / Part under a paper gown
This burning betrayal / Reminiscent of puberty
When this body / First tried to kill me

(Wear the badge) And smile at constituency
(But your god) Stopped you from saving me
(Now I bleed) In a way I've never wanted
(When I die) Who tells my story?

Mother / Help / Me / Your / Son / Is / Dying
You / Grieve / A / Daughter / You / Never / Had
Track Name: devices
Home is so far away
It's a days journey by rail
And you can't fucking leave
You've become an inefficiency
They put up nets to catch the bodies that will fall
Alone here in a sprawling foxconn factory complex.
We will read the stories of their deaths
On the same devices

Assembled by exhausted hands
And lives that are broken
The supply chain is broken
We are terrified by the thought
Of where our things come from
And the price we must pay
Doesn't include the true costs of the workers
And environment bear the burden of cheap consumer electronics
In a regulatory race to the bottom

They put up nets to catch the bodies that will fall
Until basic wages and working conditions are met
Instead they put up nets
Climbing to the top floor
Of the barracks in a sprawling foxconn factory complex
We will read the stories of their deaths on the same devices
Assembled by exhausted hands.

We are terrified by the thought
Of where our things come from
And the price we all must pay
Track Name: projecting
Its hard to see the problem when it involves all of you
It is hard to solve a problem when it involves everyone

Grown men filled with light beer and regret,
Raise their glasses to the sky, to their alma mater.
Grown men losing sleep over a bad recruiting class
And making personal threats to student athletes

Projecting on to them
All of our failures